As a meeting to engage the international collaboration between professionals from Jiangsu Province and Canada, the Jiangsu B2B meeting was held on June 28th, 2018 in the Toronto General Hospital with the objective to unite professors from the Toronto Chinese Professor Association with the Jiangsu science and technology delegation and discuss potential cooperation opportunities. Participants include top-notch professors, scientists and company leaders from both Ontario, Canada and Jiangsu province, China. A special mention to Dr. Christopher Yip, the Associate Vice President of International Partnerships at the University of Toronto for making the welcoming statement and to Yao Chen – CEO of Magic Sky Drone Technology Ltd., Hai Li – president of Jiangsu Yingke Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Bin Yao- president of Nanjing Froeasy Technology Development Co., Ltd. for coming from Jiangsu Province.

Proposals for future partnerships made during the meeting are critical to future development for both Jiangsu Province and the Toronto Chinese Professor Association. We aim to collaborate on the expansion of co-funding programs at the government level and to build a global innovation partnership network. The setup of cooperation facilities and the development of long-term partnerships between overseas companies continue to be the ongoing intent of all who attended the meeting. Most importantly, we encourage the exchange of foreign talents and teams to experience and enjoy the increasing opportunities offered through both the Toronto Chinese Professor Association and Jiangsu Province.

From the meeting, research conclusions made by the professors of the Toronto Chinese Professor Association currently move on an accelerated process to becoming useful applications in the coming future. With the successfulness of the Jiangsu B2B meeting, we envision similar partnerships, meetings and conferences in the future.