Attempting to strengthen student-professor relationships, a professor and student face-to-face conference was held on March 29th, 2018 in Wilson Hall, New College. During the event, Professor Zou Yu, Professor Yuan Ding, Professor Shi Mengzi, Professor Sun Qiang and Professor Li Ren-Ke kindly contributed their time and embedded tremendous amounts of effort in maximizing the university experience for University of Toronto students. The conference, with the purpose to give students the chance to meet and engage in close-up interaction with professors, consists of presentations from the professors previously mentioned and group discussions between current University of Toronto students and professors accompanied by snacks. During the presentations, professors noted some of their achievements and introduced projects and research assignments currently in progress. The discussion session provided the students with the opportunity to ask questions and interact individually with professors.

The Toronto Chinese Professor Association would like to take opportunities like this to enhance the knowledge of students who are interested in pursuing studies in similar fields or simply curious about the advancements and research results from the successful professors. Communication between students and professors leads to another successful, knowledgeable and world-changing generation. Thus, we believe professor and student face-to-face meetings can deepen students’ understanding and expose them to more opportunities. We welcome more students and professors to come to the next conference in 2019.